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Going To Work

We roll sleepily across the Lake Street Bridge as orchestras of mist rise from the river’s muddy sleep, telling different songs every day. * * * Close your eyes. Today will tell a story dull and witless as any other. Why read that book?

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Ghazal of the Dreaming City

The river’s skin comes to the touch of your eyes. The angle of falling weather predicts the mood of water everywhere. If grass breaks the skin of your feet, sleep in the dirt like an animal tonight. Stars are feeding on the flesh of night, arteries glistening like tinsel between their teeth. A child lies […]

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Espresso At The Execution

No clue in those eyes. They crack all these smooth faces like freezing blood blows out a vein. Sitting hard on hard wood, he clenches and unclenches as if he were kneading the soft stupid clay of your brain. His back snaps straight as the voltage of his voice, stronger than you thought, clenches your […]

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While you were in your bedroom getting ready, I explored the petals of a flower on your coffee table, searching for its sex. I touched it, licked the yellow dust from my fingertips. There’s beer in the fridge, you shouted, but I wanted not to lose the melting of this nectar for that. I closed […]

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Deer Opener: Lake Carlos State Park

"Beauty should be edible or not at all." -Salvador Dali In the campground the air is stiff as the twisted black oaks: From each hangs a cloudy-eyed carcass. Guns fire in the distance no louder than twigs snapping beneath moccasins. In a cave at Lascaux, France, 17,000 years ago, a ragged priest kneeled, dabbed his […]

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